iPad and iParadox

Umair Haque says:

The iPad is a revolution waiting to happen. But the revolution’s biggest roadblock is Apple itself.

The iPad’s like an amazing hairdresser — who wants to monitor your bathroom for authorized shampoo, conditioner, and water. By building a device that liberates services, but locks down “product," Apple’s shooting itself in the iFace.

The iParadox is this: Apple should be striving to commoditize products if it wants to benefit from services (or vice versa). But it’s trying to benefit from both at once — which is, simply put, strategically self-destructive. One is the mirror image of the other.

The conclusion applies to most businesses (those which are worth mentioning of course) in today’s world:

You can’t live in the industrial era and the network age at once.

Read the whole thing here




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